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Dumbo's Circus 21 Episode Collection DVD Set

Dumbo's Circus 21 Episode Collection DVD Set

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Dumbo's Circus - 21 Episode Best Of Selection (3 DVD Box Set)

Language English
 Original Airdate
May 6, 1985 – May 25, 1986


Sealed New (in cellophane bag)
Custom DvD Set
interactive menu, play all 


Episodes included:

A Present For Lionel

Farmer's Circus

French Town


''Kite Day''

Never Trust A Stranger

Sebastian's Treasure 

Storybook Land

The Treasure

Bye Bye Birdie 

Who's Got the Feather?

The Five Wishes

Everyone Should Have a Song

Stormy Night



Dumbo has now grown up, he is able to speak, and has started his own circus. It travels from town to town by means of a wagon drawn by Dumbo as he flies, and bills itself at the "Greatest Little Show in Earth." Other performers include Lionel, Q.T., Sebastian, Fair Dinkum, Lilli, and Barnaby. Each had their own talent. Other than Dumbo, no characters from the original film appear in the series.





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