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KIRBY RIGHT BACK AT YA! Complete English Dub Series DVD Set

KIRBY RIGHT BACK AT YA! Complete English Dub Series DVD Set

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KIRBY RIGHT BACK AT YA! Complete English Dub 




11 DVD’s

1-101 End [Complete Series]

Run Time 25 min per episode
Original Run
Sept 14, 2002 – Dec 9, 2006
Audio English
Region 0 (Any DVD Player Worldwide)
Sealed New (in cellophane bag)
Custom DvD Sets
  • Highest Quality Episodes
    Interactive Menu
  • Play All
  • Episode 101 Included 


Tens of thousands of years ago, an evil emperor of darkness known as Nightmare created a biological weapon in the form of armies of monsters, and sent it all over the universe to conquer it. However, as he kept creating them, some of them began to rebel against Nightmare. Then, Sir Meta Knight and other freedom- and peace-loving, righteous Star Warriors formed the Galaxy Soldier Army in order to bring down Nightmare and stood to combat his evil. However, the soldier army caves in under the inexhaustible supply of the monsters. While the few surviving Star Warriors were relegated to the fringes of the universe, they were looking for new ways to defeat Nightmare. Meanwhile, Nightmare established a corporate empire, Holy Nightmare Inc. (Night Mare Enterprises in the English dub), which systematically and efficiently created monsters and expanded its own power by selling them to large and small villains and money-hungry rich people throughout the universe. 

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