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Winx Club TV Specials DVD Boxset

Winx Club TV Specials DVD Boxset

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  • Show Title Winx Club
    Discs & Episodes 1 Disc / 4 Movie Specials
    Seasons 1-2 Specials = 4 Specials 
    Original Year 2011
    Language nick English 
    Region Free 0 (Any DVD Player Worldwide)


    New (in cellophane bag)
    custom DvD Sets 


    Specials (2011)

    Italian title
    English title
    Italian air date American air date 
    "Il destino di Bloom"
    "The Fate of Bloom"
    21 Nov 2011 27 Jun 2011
    Bloom, an ordinary girl from Gardenia, is on summer vacation when she stumbles upon a battle between the fairy Stella and an ogre named Knut. Bloom stands against the monster and suddenly discovers that she has magical powers. Stella offers Bloom the opportunity to attend the Alfea College for Fairies, which Bloom and her parents agree to. The two fairies soon meet their roommates: Flora, Tecna, and Musa. After an encounter with the Trix witches from the competing college of Cloud Tower, the fairies decide to form their own group: the Winx Club.
    "La vendetta delle Trix"
    "Revenge of the Trix"
    28 Nov 2011 1 Aug 2011
    A mysterious nymph named Daphne communicates with Bloom through a dream. During spring break, Bloom returns home and bonds with her parents. While in Gardenia, Bloom dreams about her father rescuing a baby left unharmed in a fire. After telling her parents, Bloom realizes that the event in her dream actually happened, and that she was the baby in the fire. Later on, Bloom visits Cloudtower's library to learn more about herself. Meanwhile, the Trix devise a plan to steal Bloom's Dragon Flame powers.
    "Battaglia per Magix"
    "The Battle for Magix"
    5 Dec 2011 18 Sept 2011
    After the Trix take Bloom's powers, the three witches take over Cloudtower and take down Headmistress Griffin. Through the power of the Dragon Flame, the Trix summon an Army of Darkness to start a reign of terror. Bloom returns to Alfea, powerless without her Dragon Flame. She teams up with Stella, Sky, Brandon, and Knut to confront the Trix at Cloudtower and reclaim her powers. Once she talks with Daphne, Bloom is able to regain her Dragon Flame and join her friends in a final battle. She faces Icy one-on-one while the other fairies face Darcy and Stormy. After Bloom manages to beat her rival, the friends celebrate, and Bloom and Sky share their first kiss.
    "La fenice d'ombra"
    "The Shadow Phoenix"
    12 Dec 2011 16 Oct 2011
    Aisha, the princess of Andros and fairy of waves, tries to rescue a group of pixies from the Shadow Phoenix. She is caught by him and is forced down a cliff. Aisha arrives at Alfea where she meets the Winx. Bloom and Stella offer to help her, leaving Flora, Musa, and Tecna to take care of a young pixie named Piff. Meanwhile, the Shadow Phoenix breaks the Trix out of prison. Bloom and Stella duel with the Trix while Aisha saves the pixies. Later, a paladin named Professor Avalon offers to help Bloom uncover more about her past. Avalon brings Bloom to a fortress and reveals his true identity as the Shadow Phoenix. The Winx and Specialists fly to the fortress and eventually defeat the Shadow Phoenix.



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